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Horses of course, of course

Finding a place, a hobby, a passion, a frame of mind that keeps you calm, centered and at peace is not always easy. At times when you do find that calm centeredness you might not even realize it. Perhaps something else comes along and centering slips away.

For many of us daily routines have changed significantly with the pandemic. We all need to be creative in how we find peace and balance. Perhaps the lockdown has helped you refocus or helped you find a new hobby. Hopefully, you are exercising more, limiting your time on social media, watching the news less. Take time to reach out to a friend or loved one. Choose an “attitude of gratitude” daily.

My go-to has always been time outdoors, and if it involves a horse, it’s even better. I am grateful to be living in the middle of nowhere down a dirt road with time to ride.

Early in my life my mother supported and encouraged me and was one of my biggest fans when it came to my love of horses. No doubt the feelings I have for horses exist because of my mother’s passion for horses. I went off to college and pursued other interests and did not have horses in my life. It took the death of a dear friend and a girl who barely knew me to get me to ride again. We spent many hours riding, and I’ve had horses in my life every day since then.

I have found that being able ride in the wide-open spaces for hours at a time really soothes my soul. Do you have something that soothes your soul, brings you joy?

I am grateful for opportunities to ride and gather cattle on some very large ranches in Southern New Mexico and West Texas. More than 20 years ago when I somehow got separated from the two cowboys I was gathering the pasture with, I found myself chasing two cows that were traveling at a high rate of speed. These days I find the activity invigorating, but on that day, it was just me, a borrowed horse, wide-open spaces and two wild cows.

It was fairly early and the light was beautiful and I was able to see for miles upon miles, no human beings, no roads, no cars, no civilization. It was just me and the elements. What makes you tick? Is it serving others? Raising children? Cooking? Praying? Spending time in nature? Whatever you choose, be true to yourself. I have found a passion utilizing my love of horses by working as a cowgirl. I love it when my passion gets recognized. Just last week when my horse and I shone cutting cattle in an alley, one of the cowboys yelled, “That’s that lady I day work with!” That recognition meant a great deal to me. Life is precious. Live each day fully! Pay attention to what sparks your passion, lights your fire. Finding and treasuring those sparks with an attitude of gratitude will help you become more grounded. Create a heightened awareness because passion is a fuel that ignites the soul.

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