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YogA Enthusiast

I feel incredibly blessed to be living my dream! I have been riding horses since I was six and practicing yoga for over 20 years. Taking up yoga (balance, breath work postures, meditation) is one of the best things I have done for myself and my riding! 


When your mind, body and spirit are connected life is peaceful. Whether it is yoga postures, breath work, meditation - I am very passionate about sharing my yoga. I have over 500 hrs of training and am currently studio to become a Certified Yoga Therapist.  Please feel free to contact me for a free 15 min. consultation to begin or continue your yoga journey, or  to be part of my yoga therapy practicum.  

I am also available to put together memory books for you and your family. 


My best days are spent riding horses gathering cattle, taking pictures, practicing and sharing yoga! 


Enlightened Yoga & Horses with Ashton. Utilizing the synergy of another living creature to combine the effectiveness of breath work and posture.

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